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Women's Health & Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor therapy and overall women's health. Your physical therapist looks for areas that are causing you pain, the level of muscle spasms you are experiencing, and the level of strength present in your pelvic floor - analyzing whether you are able to do proper pelvic floor contraction and whether you're able to release it, as well.
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Early Intervention Pediatrics

Pediatric and early intervention physical therapy focuses on children and their development in physical motions like crawling, sitting, walking, and rolling. Children develop at different speeds by nature, but sometimes, it;'s necessary to provide extra help to make sure your child is hitting all of their milestones.
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Sports Therapy & Orthopedics

Physical therapy is a crucial component for healing those who play sports, deal with body pains on a day to day basis, have orthopedic surgery or have issues with activities of daily living. Therapy can act as a preventative measure or a react as a treatment to an existing or new injury. Dr. Maria works with individuals and athletes to improve flexibility, strength, motor control and balance as this is the core to healing injuries and preventing future ones from happening.
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Virtual Wellness & Fitness Coaching

Personalized one-on-one sessions with Dr. Maria where she analyzes your situation and designs an individualized program to get you on track. Her goal is to guide you through holistic and evidence-based methods to improve your overall physical health so you can feel better in a sustainable way that works for you and your lifestyle.
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Why choose holistic physio

Understand the "why" behind every movement and lifestyle choice. Learn how parts of the body work together to prevent injuries with the guidance of an expert physical therapist.
Improve your mobility, relieve pain, and maintain longterm health
Gain general knowledge and discover what works best for your body
Spend more time living your life, free from pain, instead of spending time at clinics and hospitals

about Dr. Maria

Holistic Physio is founded by Dr. Maria Muto-Rodriguez, a Doctor in Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Therapist, and Fitness Coach.

Dr. Maria created Holistic Physio to offer in-home services to patients throughout the NYC area. She offers you the opportunity to heal in a safe space and ask questions related to your health long-term. She believes in a whole body approach and integrates the emotional, physical and mental throughout all practices. 

With this in mind, she is able to connect the dots on what truly makes a patient healthy, not just free of the acute pain they are feeling. Her unique style will involve strength training, fitness, optimized cellular health, improved flexibility, pelvic health, nutrition, emotional release and more. Holistic Physio is here to help you learn and feel empowered to improve your overall physical health in a way that is sustainable for life.

What our clients have to say

  • I was essentially unable to walk even relatively short distances before working with Maria. Thanks to her though I'm now on my way to making a full recovery. I wouldn't have been able to do this without her.
  • Maria is amazing! Really love working with her. She has really improved my health in ways I didn't think possible.
  • Dr. Maria has so many different skill sets but my favorite was myofascial cupping. My choice of sport is weight lifting and at times I can neglect mobility work. The cupping within guided, segmental mobility for my spine and hips, has truly made a difference in my lifts. 10/10!
  • Every morning I would wake up with pain. It only became worse as the day continued. My job is sedentary so Dr. Maria took the time to suggest recommendations on how I can add movement to my daily patterns. Her recommendations have cost me pain free days, which I could not be thankful for!
  • I had a baby 10 months ago and have tried everything to heal my knee, back and tailbone pain. I have done traditional orthopedic PT, chiropractic care and craniosacral therapy. It was not until I went to Dr. Maria for pelvic rehab that I could finally feel a difference. I am able to sit for more than 10 minutes and lift my child without pain!
  • Everytime I went to therapy I was tossed to unskilled therapy aides. With Dr. Maria I am given the time and attention that I deserve. She is a great listener and tailors my treatments to me and what I need for that time.
  • Maria was able to get me back to running pain free! I was so nervous I was not able to compete in the NYC marathon but with Maria's help I was able to understand my pain, manage it and resume my training without pain recurrence.
  • Maria is so knowledgeable and makes sure to have ample time with me during our session. It is a full 60 minutes and one to one. It's amazing that she travels to you with everything that you would need for a session. I am so happy to have invested my time in such good hands.
  • I love that Maria utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to her practice. Although she is a DPT, I feel that she is giving me advice for all areas of health so my physical function and ability is on point and well managed. I love the techniques that she uses, breathwork, mindfulness and postural restoration. My program is individualized and tailored to me.

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We craft programs that assist you with not just acute pain, but educate you to create the ability for you to achieve long term freedom from pain and overall healthy lifestyle through a combination of therapy, nutrition, activity, and more.

How do I get started?

You can contact us today via phone 929-335-3194, email [email protected], schedule a discovery call or request an appointment. 
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How much does it cost?

Every program is created for the patient on a case-by-case basis. Cost will be discussed in your initial phone or virtual meeting with Dr. Maria. 

*Please note that Holistic Physio is out of network with insurances. With OFN benefits, a medical superbill will be provided for reimbursement*.

Where can I get help?

Our Instagram and youtube pages are great ways to learn more about what we do and find helpful content that you can do at home. When you're ready, reach out to us directly for a free discovery call or to book an appointment.
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