Pediatrics and early intervention

Pediatric and early intervention can address various milestone issues and ensure that your baby has the best chance possible of hitting those milestones naturally with the help of physical therapy.

What is pediatrics and early intervention physical therapy

Early interventional services for pediatrics are used to address problems or delays in development of a child as early as possible. Services are generally suitable for infants and toddlers up to the age of three.

Babies develop at all different paces and make development their own. It's not possible to tell you exactly the moment when a child will learn any given skill. Developmental milestones exist on a spectrum. The best way to know whether your concerns are valid is to set up a consultation with Dr. Maria to describe the situation and work through it together.
Developmental delays
Motor disabilities
Congenital conditions
Neuromuscular disorders
Rehabilitation after injury or surgery
Gross motor skill development
Sensory integration
Orthopedic issues
Assistive device and equipment training
Holistic Physio